Dear friends,


  We are very happy to announce that we will offer four 4-days Retreats,

  two 1-day Retreats and

a week long Convocation Retreat during 2024.


  4-days Silent Retreat outside Katrineholm:

(Thursday evening - Sunday afternoon)

  February 15-18, May 23-26, August 8-11 and October 10-13. 

  1-day Silent Retreat at Karlbergsvägen 54 in Stockholm:

(between 10:00-17:00)

  March 30 and November 2.

Week of Convocation Retreat:

(location will be announced later)

July 14-20.

Are you interested in participating and/or want more information - please email:

  In Masters Service and Divine Friendship,


  Stockholm Meditation Circle








Your donations are very important to us. They enable us to meet the expenses of our center, our different events during the year and also contributes to our support to the worldwide needs Self-Realization Fellowship. You can either deposit your donation via our PG: 1587523-0, send it through SWISH on number:

1234345815 or place a donation in an envelope in connection with your visit.





“Meditation is the pickax that pries up all the covers of consciousness and brings forth the fountain of God’s ever new joy”.

                          From“God First” by Paramahansa Yogananda