FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Q: - Do I need any previous experience of meditation to participate?

A: - No, but if you would like to prepare yourself you can read more about meditation on SRF’s website, listen to their ”Guided Meditations” and ”Learn to meditate”. You can also ask the person who leads the meditation to give you some simple tips on how to relax. We offer two occasions a month that are specially customized for beginners – you find more information under MEDITATIONS.


Q: - What does it cost?

A: - Stockholm Meditation Circle is a nonprofit organization and are funded only through donations. We are grateful for contributions, which helps us to cover our running costs such as local rent, certain material and costs for special events etc.


Q: - What do I do if I want to donate money?

A: - At the entrance of the meditation room there are empty envelops intended for donations. The envelop is then placed on a tray which is in front of the altar. You can also deposit money on PG 1587523-0 or use SWISH on number 1234345815.


Q: - What type of meditation do you practice?

A: - All meditations begins and ends with a prayer. During the meditation short brakes occur where we sing chants. Otherwise, we meditate silently with closed eyes, sitting on chairs. If you prefer sitting on the floor it is of course no problem, but you need to bring your own meditation cushion.


Q: - Why do you sing chants?

A: - Paramahansa Yogananda wrote and translated a large number of chants during Samadhi (an elevated state of spiritual ecstasy). The intention is to calm and focus the mind as a preparation and to deepen the meditation. You can read more about and listen to these chants on SRF’s website.


Q: - Can I arrive after the meditation has begun or leave before the end?

A: - Meditation requires a strong inner focus. Therefore, we kindly ask you to be on time for the meditation. If you happen to be late, sneak in and be seated as quietly as possible. If you need to leave before the end, please do so as quietly as possible during a chant.


Q: - Are the premises handicap friendly?

A: - The premises we rent has no special facilities for the disabled, but are easily accessible at ground level.

Q: - Where can I find out more about Yogananda and Kriya Yoga?

A: - We recommend that you read the classic ”An Autobiography of a Yogi” which is translated into many different languages, including Swedish. It not only contains many amazing stories of Paramahansa Yogananda’s childhood and his path to enlightenment, but also the story behind (and the purpose of) the ancient and long forgotten universal meditation technique - Kriya Yoga. For more information, please contact SRF Mother Center on www.yogananda-srf.org