Our Meditations



           - ON SITE AND/OR ONLINE.                  

We conduct our meditations both ON SITE at Karlbergsvägen 54,

and ONLINE over ZOOM. 

OBS! Wednesday evening Meditations

are held ONLINE only.



  Saturday 2nd

  10:00-12:00  2h Meditation.

  Wednesday 6th

  19:00-21:00. 2h Birthday Meditation - Bhagavan Sri Krishna - ONLINE ONLY.

  Sunday 10th

  08:30-12:30  4h Meditation - ONLINE ONLY.

  Wednesday 13th

  19:00-20:00  1h Guided Meditation before Study Group - ONLINE ONLY.

  Saturday 16th

  10:00-12:00  2h Meditation with Monastic Talk.

  Wednesday 20th

  19:00-19:30  30 min Guidad Meditation (newcomers) -

  19:30-20:30  1h Meditation - ONLINE ONLY.

  Sunday 24th

  09:30-12:30  3h Meditation.

  Tuesday 26th

  19:00-21:00  2h Meditation & Commemoration Service - Lahiri Mahasaya

                      Mahasamdhi - ONLINE ONLY.

  Wednesday 27th

  19:00-20:00  1h Meditation before Study Group - ONLINE ONLY.

  Saturday 30th

  10:00-12:00  2h Birthday Meditation - Lahiri Mahasaya.





  • Download Zoom: https://zoom.us/download
  • Open Zoom and click on "JOIN A MEETING" on the upper right hand side. 
  • Open our CALENDER here above and click on the Meditation you would like to join.
  • Copy the Meeting ID and paste it in the "Meeting ID or Personal Link Name" box, click on JOIN.
  • Copy the Passcode number in our CALENDER and paste it in the "Password" box.
  • Or copy Join the meeting and paste it the address bar and you will join the meditation.

  • Please do the Energization Exercises beforehand. 
  • Every participant except the Meditation Leader will be muted during the meditation.
  • We will start each meditation with an Opening Prayer, preliminarie breathing exercises, some inspirational readings from SRF's books and writings and a chant. 
  • We close the meditation with the Aum chant, the Healing Service and a Closing Prayer.
  • We deeply appreciate your donations to cover our costs and for our donation to SRF each year. You can SWISH to SMC on number: 1234345815. 

    Warmly Welcome!

    Stockholm Meditation Circle

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